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Homeopathy: An Evolutionary Health Care Choice for Conscious minds

In chronic illnesses, we at Vital Force Consulting, Inc. offer constitutional homeopathic care. From an individualized homeopathic remedy, you may experience enormous healing potential homeopathy holds and has to offer you. I recommend that an individual make a commitment to homeopathic care with me for one year. You will benefit greatly if I could see you regularly until we are sure you are progressing in the right direction as you notice disappearance of signs and symptoms of your illness.

When seeing me for constitutional homeopathic care, the first visit lasts approximately 2-3 hours; subsequent follow-ups are usually 45-60 minutes a month apart to begin with. I assure you, as I understand you and your responses, the duration of follow-ups will reduce and interval between follow-ups will become greater.

Many employers offer Flex Funds options that may allow employees to be reimbursed for homeopathic consultations. Health savings accounts may help you pay for homeopathy too.

We hope to hear from you and would be happy to schedule an appointment as soon as possible.

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Yours for better health, naturally,

Sujata J. Owens

C.C.H, R.S.Hom (N.A.), H.M.C, D.H.M.S(India), , B.Sc(India). 

Sujata Owens, RSHom(NA), CCH, HMC
Vital Force Consulting, Inc.
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We create a world of vibrant health by using our gifts through the science and art of Homeopathy.


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