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Acute Consult Remedy Protocol

You have your homeopathic remedy prescribed by a Homeopathic practitioner for acute illness. Please follow these instructions now.   

• Start with 30C potency. Follow the instructions below. 
Doses: one dose (Life Medical flu kit a dose= 10 pellets, in VFC Remedy room a dose = 3 pellets) every 2-4 hours for up to 5 doses. At any time you notice improvement, no need to follow this schedule. Follow the symptoms instead. What that means is; if improvement in your symptoms continues at the time of scheduled dose then wait and take a dose when symptoms regress or worsen. Usually in acute situation if remedy is right on, you will notice improvement in 12-24 hours and you may need 3-5 doses over 24 hours time. If there is no improvement whatsoever, please call your homeopathic practitioner. If symptoms are severe enough, make sure you call your licensed physician and/or go to Emergency room right away.
If there is definite improvement, then you may keep taking doses for 3 days following instructions as above and then report to your homeopathic practitioner for further management. 
Please keep in mind, when you are experiencing acute symptoms, the improvement is usually noticeable if remedy is helping. (Some of you on constitutional remedies may have experienced much more gradual improvement and thus may not expect as quick an improvement as is possible)

• If you have higher potency on hand and if improvement with 30C is quite gradual, after 24 hours, you may switch to 200C. Follow the same protocol as above for 24 hours.  And then report to your practitioner. 
If questions arise that are not addressed here, please call our office or email us for individualized attention.

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