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High Potency Dose Instructions

If there is improvement following a dose of remedy, do not take second dose as long as improvement continues. If and when symptoms regress, take 2nd dose.

If there is worsening of symptoms, wait to see if worsening is followed by improvement. No doses during worsening and improvement phase. Worsening related to a high potency dose of remedy is always followed by improvement. Homeopathic term for this worsening is homeopathic aggravation or healing crisis. If you suspect the worsening of symptoms as unnatural and not a healing crisis, feel free to contact our office and a licensed physician. In a homeopathic aggravation or healing crisis, person may revisit some old symptoms temporarily.

If no change, wait to see if symptoms improve in a month’s time. If the nature of your symptoms is such that we need to see immediate improvement and waiting too long is not a good idea, call our office. Remember, the subtle changes after the remedy may need some time to be noticed. No change may mean remedy potency and doses given to you are not optimum yet and may need adjustment. Please bring that to attention of your homeopath at the follow up visit. 

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