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Keep Healthy During Flu Season with Homeopathic Remedy

Influenzinum: It may be used to treat an individual with flu symptoms and possibly to prevent getting the flu. 



Recommended dose: One dose once a month throughout the flu season. This may help in prevention of flu if you have a strong immune system. 
If you have flu symptoms, Influenzinum 9C or 30C, one dose three or four times a day until symptoms subside. Most people with the flu experience relief from the head symptoms (pain, congestion and vertigo) within few doses. The nausea, vomiting or diarrhea may take a day or so to subside. If no relief is experienced in a day or two, discontinue taking remedy doses and call your licensed physician and/or homeopathic practitioner. 
Need Natural help for side effects of flu shot? Take one dose of Influenzinum and repeat one or two times if needed to relieve the flu-like symptoms secondary to taking the flu shot. 
Oscillococcinum: Over-The-Counter Homeopathic Treatment of Flu
The media has not adequately reported on the only over-the-counter homeopathic flu medicine that has at least THREE large independent clinical studies verifying its efficacy. And that homeopathic medicine called Oscillococcinum. Oscillococcinum is actually made from the heart and liver of a duck. Biologists and epidemiologists have determined that 80% of ducks carry every known flu virus in their digestive tracts. Oscillococcinum includes homeopathic doses of these viruses (and of their antibodies).

For the record the three studies that have confirmed the efficacy of Oscillococcinum are Ferley, 1989; Cassanova, 1992; Papp, 1998. Each of these trials was relatively large in the number of subjects (487 patients, 300 patients, and 372 patients), and all were multi-centered placebo-controlled and double-blind (two of the three trials were also randomized). Each of these trials showed statistically significant results.

Dosage: Oscillococcinum is a remedy that is most effective if used during the first 48 hours of start of flu symptoms. Even in first 48 hours, the sooner you begin, the better its efficacy. Take a dose and repeat as per instructions on the packet.

Individualized Remedy, a phone call away: This is how you experience the positive benefits of natural homeopathic help. We are providing acute phone consultations for anyone (yes, you do not have to be VFC Client) for $50 for 15-30 minute consultation (Homeopathic practitioner will gather your flu symptoms and recommend a remedy that is the closest match to your symptoms) + Remedy ($10 Price may vary based on number of doses recommended for the person.) 

General protocol for repeating Individualized Remedy:

Recommended dose/s of well selected remedy: The author would like to warn the reader that it is best to follow the effective and natural homeopathic remedy protocol with a homeopathic practitioner with a notification to your licensed physician. But if you choose to do it at home, here are few things to consider. The strength of remedy that has been found to be clinically helpful is 30C potency of well chosen homeopathic remedy. The remedy may be repeated every 2-3 hours apart based on symptom severity and may be continued for maximum of 5 doses to see if any relief can be noticed by the individual. When improvement is noticed, repeat the doses only when improvement starts going downhill. Discontinue the remedy after 5 doses if no relief is noticed. In acute flu situation, do not keep on taking remedy after 2-3 days without supervision from homeopathic practitioner. The goal here is to match the intensity and pace of symptoms and give the stimulus from natural homeopathic remedy to bring upon restoration of health. 

Disclaimer: Vital force Consulting, Inc or its homeopathic practitioners are not liable for unsupervised and misused remedy protocol followed by individual/s.  The information contained in this document is meant to and may be used for educational purposes only. Homeopathic remedies when appropriately used under supervision are effective and nontoxic. Please be advised that FDA approves and categorizes homeopathic remedies as drugs. And drugs are powerful medicines and can cause harm if used inappropriately.

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