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Assisting Individuals with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) by the use of Homeopathy

“I always believed that homoeopathy was ineffective and unscientific. However, personal experience with homeopathy changed that perspective. When I was faced with a decision whether to put my child on Ritalin or see a homeopathic practitioner who will understand my child in order to prescribe an individual specific, natural homeopathic remedy, I chose later. I went to see Sujata who came highly recommended by various people who have resorted to alternative medicine. She is reputable for her thoroughness and accuracy of finding individual's homeopathic remedy in shortest time. She asked us lots of questions which had little to do, I thought, with my son's presenting symptoms and gave him the homoeopathic remedy at the end of the consultation. I went home more in hope than expectation yet within few days I started seeing the results of this natural, gentle, holistic form of healing. First thing I noticed was the calmer demeanor, better focus and ability to follow through directions. Then I noticed that he was not getting easily overwhelmed and upset as before nor was he as impulsive as before. Then I got a call from his teacher who was full of praise for him on a big science project he just completed, I knew I had to give credit to homeopathy as that is the only way we had chosen to treat our son and we had not changed or added anything else. Over 9 month's period, he started reading at his grade level, his handwriting got much better. He tells me his thoughts are not running thousand miles a minute anymore. Amazing. I am a true believer in powers of homeopathy now. In addition, his general health has improved too. He has much more energy and a relaxed state of mind. I am pleased to have my son back without resorting to drugs. Thank you to Sujata and homeopathy!”

—Brenda Weiland, Northfield


The Homeopathic Approach to Individuals with ADD-ADHD

Homeopaths are able to successfully support and stimulate the health of individuals that suffer from ADD-ADHD in many cases by bringing the individual back into balance. What is treated is the whole person and identifying unique and specific pattern of symptoms and experiences that an individual that has been diagnosed with ADD-ADHD presents. Only the one homeopathic remedy that specifically matches the unique symptoms of the individual will bring the balance.


Benefits of choosing homeopathy to treat a person who is coping with symptoms of ADD-ADHD

1. The foremost reason to use homeopathy is that Homeopathy works effectively and naturally to bring a person into a state of wellness. This will be illustrated by the case later. You will see not only the resolution of symptoms associated with ADD-ADHD which often lead to learning disability, concentration difficulty, impulsiveness, fidgetiness, and inability to follow multiple tasks but also other general health concerns such as bed wetting, eczema, stomach aches that have been present during and before the diagnosis of ADD-ADHD for this child.

In the April 25, 2005 issue of Newsweek, an article was published entitled: "Your Family and Your Health with Harvard Medical School". In reference to effectiveness of conventional drugs it stated "In the child study center survey, about 28% of parents who gave their kids drugs deemed the treatment somewhat unhelpful or extremely unhelpful. For children whose symptoms are hard to classify or who seem to have several disorders at once, pinpointing the right conventional treatment can depend more on clinical judgment than on hard science. For those kids, says Dr. Richard Gorman, chairman of the American Academy of Pediatrics, committee on drugs, there is a lot more ambiguity and a lot less data about what works. Medicine aimed at one set of symptoms can exacerbate other symptoms.

2. The second reason for choosing homeopathy is homeopathic remedies when used correctly are free of side effects. Research, records and clinical experience of over 250 years support this statement. If you compared this statement with the most recent data published in the Newsweek issue, April 25, 2005: Your Family and Your Health with Harvard Medical School, you will understand exactly what I am stating. "Stimulants such as methylphenidate (Ritalin) and dextroamphetamine (Adderall) are leading treatments for ADD/ADHD. The most common side effects such as appetite suppression are easily managed, but recent studies have raised more troubling possibilities. In a small trial involving 12 children with ADHD, researchers found a high number of chromosome abnormalities in those who took methylphenidate for 3 months, abnormalities seen in some forms of cancer. Other studies have found that rats given stimulants as pups become passive and helpless as adults. IN another troubling episode, Canadian regulators suspended sales of Aderall XR this winter citing reports of sudden death. But US officials concluded that the death rate was no greater than expected in light of the kids' underlying medical problems. The FDA suggests only that children with heart defects avoid Aderall XR.

Doctors use antipsychotics, mood stabilizers and antidepressants to treat a range of mood and behavioral problems in kids. Antipsychotics like olanzapine (Zyprexa) and reisperidone (Risperdal) can cause significant weight gain and increase the risk of diabetes. The mood stabilizers valproic acid (Depakote) and carbamazepine (Tegretol) can damage the liver and dangerously alter the production of blood cells. Lithium can affect heart; thyroid and kidney function and worsen acne. And common antidepressants may foster suicidal thoughts and actions in some kids."

3. Homeopathy treats the whole person. Rather than targeting a specific learning or behavioral problem, homeopathy supports the wellness of the whole person. Not only do learning and behavioral problems improve, so do many or all of the other physical, mental, and emotional complaints of the person.

4. Homeopathic remedies are generally given infrequently and over limited periods of time with the potential for long lasting, satisfactory and permanent results. Conventional medications are given frequently, often with high costs and in many instances, offering temporary relief limited to the time that the person is on the medication. However homeopathic remedies work differently in that they provide support of an individual's own unique healing system and potential. The process of reversing imbalances brings about new experiences of wellness which are most intense in the first year of healing. 4-8 week regular consultations with your homeopath help the homeopath assess the work of the remedy used. But once the improvement comes about, the frequency of visits is notably reduced. As the case presented below illustrates, in the last year I saw the child only 2-3 times with long lasting, satisfactory and permanent results.

5. A Homeopathic Case from my practice: DN is a male child, age 9 years. I first saw DN in October 2000. The following information was shared in the first consultation by DN and his mom.

DN did not like going to school last year because he usually had to do 5 pages of homework when he would come home as he could not get it done in school because of his ADD symptoms. He likes to get good grades.

  • Mom says: "This year he is frustrated with math homework. He thinks he is slower than other kids. He gets upset, and can not calm down. He is near tears every time when he is doing his homework. We keep on reminding him to calm down. He keeps on saying, "I need help, and I can not do it." In the frustration he bangs the table. At home the rest of us need to be very patient with him. He needs help, as he is slow. He has to line decimal points clearly. He wants to get it done quickly and gets frustrated that he cannot. He likes to play with legos. He likes to be alone when he feels bad. He is easily short tempered. Math and spelling he needs help and he is couple years behind than where he should be for his age. He is doing better in reading class but he is still not up to reading level. He tries to read fast and skips words. He is not building up the comprehension. He has improved quite a bit over summer but they still have him in special group for reading. We are used to him being active and fidgety. He has food sensitivities especially to sugar. I adjust the sugar when I see him particularly being hyperactive. With sugar he gets hyperactive and irritable. He gets argumentative and oppositional. He cannot do homework as every other minute he keeps on saying I am bad at subtraction. He fights about doing homework, fights with his brother. If we say grass is green, he says it is purple."
  • Observing DN, I noticed that his cheeks, lips, and ears, were red. There were patches of skin irritation between his elbows, behind his knees, and on both of his cheeks. He said the patches were quite itchy. His mother said that he has warts, and he showed me one on his palm… He said he gets stomachaches and misses school and that usually after his stomachaches he gets a headache.

His Mom said that he gets croupy coughs and that he still continues to wet the bed and he sleeps deeply.

When asked about his food preferences, he told me he likes oranges and lemons.

When I inquired about his fears or worries, he said, "I would worry if dad did not eat peanuts on couch. I worry about mom and dad not being together. I also worry that my dad would get sick as he smokes a lot."

When asked about dreams, he reported dreams of fights and battles. Fights with brother where brother was a bad guy. Fight never finished. He also had dreams of robots battling with each other.

He is taking Karate lessons.

After studying the patterns that DN was displaying, I gave him the homeopathic remedy that would help strengthen his system. I suggested one dose the first time and then suggested repeating it every 4-8 weeks depending on our conversations in his follow up appointments in the first year.

As DN improved, his mom reported, "Stomach aches: none. Headaches are practically unheard of. There have been zero absences at school. Overall he is very happy and doing well at school. School performance is great. His grades are better, report card is so much better. I am very pleased with all these positive changes in his life. It has boosted his self-confidence. When I work with him on homework, it is so much easier. Writing is better. No bed-wetting.

His ability to concentrate is so much better. He just had a spelling test and he did so much better than before. Learning in general is so much better. Gone are the days of battling for hours and tears over home work. He is happier and calmer. To my surprise, wart on back of palm has almost gone away. He no longer wets the bed. He is still hungry a lot and eats a lot. He is more social at school now. Oh and he got his black belt.

DN continues to live up to his potential and is free of the ADHD symptoms along with total improvement in his skin problems stomachaches, headaches, warts, and bedwetting.

When he comes back for a follow up, I evaluate the symptoms and recommend any changes to the remedy needed until next follow up which is scheduled 3 to 6 months apart.


Bibliography: Ritalin Free Kids by Judyth Reichenberg-Ullman and Bob Ullman; Newsweek, April 25, 2005: "Your family and your health with Harvard Medical School."


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