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Fight Avian Flu Away: Homeopathic Way

“A flu pandemic is the most dangerous threat the United States faces today. It is bigger threat than terrorism.” says Richard Falkenrath, Ex Deputy Homeland Security Adviser to Bush Administration. One makes a threat assessment on the basis of following two factors: the probability of the event and the loss of life if it happened. On both counts, a pandemic ranks higher than a major attack by terrorist.

In May 1997, a vicious strain of avian influenza called H5N1 broke out in Hong Kong. Earlier in October 2005, it arrived in Europe. We, homeopathic community of Minnesota, members of MHA (Minnesota Homeopathic Association) are ready if bird flu was to strike us here in USA.


Homeopathy has proven track record to treat pandemics and flu.

A report to the American Institute of Homeopathy in 1921 documented the dramatic success of homeopathy in the worst flu pandemic in history. Of 24,000 flu cases treated with conventional medical care, the death rate was 28.2%; of 26,000 cases treated with homeopathy, the death rate was a nearly miraculous 1.05%. Similarly, many individual homeopathic physicians reported that they had treated thousands of patients with very few deaths.

In 1998, the French Society of Homeopathy conducted a survey of 23 homeopathic doctors concerning their use of homeopathic medicine Influenzinum as flu preventive. The survey included use of Influenzinum over a 10-year period (1987-1998) in 453 patients. Results of the survey were remarkable. In approximately 90% of the cases no instances of the flu occurred when Influenzinum was used preventively. Physicians deemed its effectiveness good to very good in 90% of the cases, and not effective in 5% of the cases.

One other remedy that has proven to help a person suffering from flu symptoms is Oscillococcinum. This remedy usually helps if it is taken at the onset of any flu. Oscillococcinum is made from the heart and liver of a duck. Biologists and epidemiologists have determined that 80% of ducks carry every known flu virus in their digestive tracts. Therefore, Oscillo (common name for Oscillococcinum) includes homeopathic doses of these viruses (and of their antibodies).

For the record the three studies that have confirmed the efficacy of Oscillococcinum are Ferley, 1989; Cassanova, 1992; Papp, 1998. Each of these trials was relatively large in the number of subjects (487 patients, 300 patients, and 372 patients), and all were multi-centered placebo-controlled and double-blind (two of the three trials were also randomized). Each of these trials showed statistically significant results.


Homeopathic approach.

Classical homeopathic approach:

This approach is to collect physical, emotional and mental symptoms of a client in details. Amongst physical symptoms most importance is given to strong, striking and peculiar way each client is manifesting the flu individually. We also pay great attention to modalities (factors that make the symptoms worse or better) as they are direct expressions of imbalance of energy field, vital force. We find a homeopathic medicine that most matches the unique symptoms and state of the client. Clients treated with this approach will always end up having a strong immune system. No wonder, I always hear in my practice, “oh, I used to get flu and winter bugs twice a year. Since I started doing homeopathy, it has been years since I got those.” On direct exposure and contact, when person ends up getting flu, the symptoms are milder. In a family where only one or two individuals are doing constitutional, classical homeopathic treatment, it is known in those families that those being treated by homeopathy will not get the flu at all or if they get it, it will be milder.


Genus Epidemicus:

History shows us that homeopathy was used by homeopathic physicians in USA to treat patients during 1918-1919 influenza epidemics. From information recorded by these doctors, homeopathic treatment was highly Successful. In most cases one or two homeopathic medicines were needed. These are known as the "genus epidemicus" in an epidemic and become known through the careful observation of a number of influenza cases.


Prevention through Genus epidemicus:

Once Genus epidemicus for the particular flu is established by successful treatment of number of cases, that remedy can be used to prevent mass media by just knowing few key note symptoms of the sick person.

Prevention and treatment through remedies like Influenzinum or Oscillococcinum: This can be done when one suspects or has few cases starting near where you live. A homeopathic practitioner will be able to choose the right remedy in right strength for you.

Homeopathic remedies for avian flu: From the symptoms of avian flu collected so far, homeopathic communities world wide are predicting use of following remedies to treat avian flu. Many more remedies may get added as the time passes and we collect more information on Avian flu. To give one of the following remedies to a sick individual, he or she needs to have characteristic symptoms of the remedy as described in Materia Medica (pharmacology books of Homeopathic Medicine).


Antimonium tartaricum:

Profuse mucus in bronchi with drowsiness. Asphyxia. Much secretion of mucus, coarse rattling but scanty expectoration. Suffocative shortness of breath; alternating with cough; Loose, coarse, rattling in chest. Chest seems full, yet less and less is raised, followed by vomiting or sleep.

  • Nausea; in waves; and weakness and cold sweat, loathing or anxiety.
  • Forcible vomiting, followed by exhaustion and sleep.
  • Tongue coated thick white with reddened papillae and edges.
  • Vomiting better lying on right side.
  • Loud rattling and fullness of chest [mucus], but scanty expectoration. Asphyxia.
  • Desire for acids, apples. White-coated tongue.
  • Aversion to being looked at; wants to be left alone.
  • Worse heat; warm room.
  • Drowsiness, increasing weakness and perspiration.



  • Pre-eminently a right-sided remedy. Warm blooded. Sensitive to odors. Craving for spicy and pungent food. Worse Daytime.
  • Burning heat [to head, chest, abdomen, etc.]; puts feet out of covers. Burning [eyeballs, cheeks, tongue, and throat, under sternum, stomach, spots, palms and soles].
  • Dry mucous membranes [e.g. tickling cough and very dry throat].
  • Acrid discharges [nasal catarrh, vomit, leucorrhoea, and diarrhea].
  • Headache and many complaints and sinking, faint, all-gone sensation [yet no hunger for food; "it is a false hunger"].
  • Lassitude during stormy weather [2].
  • Prickling internally [2].
  • Right-sided headaches, over right eye; commencing in nape of neck or occiput; and vomiting of bile; better free urination; Better vomitting; better darkness; better hard pressure. Headache and burning in stomach, burning of soles of feet and sensation as if eyes would be pressed out.
  • Coryza; stopped, then diarrhoea.
  • Pain right deltoid, worse raising or turning arm; Worse at night.
  • Fever with burning in nose and throat, as if dry.
  • Sensitive to flowers and odors.
  • Asthma and burning palms and soles.
  • Warm-blooded.
  • Right side.
  • Burning heat and congestion of blood. Dryness of mucous membranes.
  • Acrid discharges.
  • Desire for spicy and pungent food.
  • Worse daytime; with the sun.



Bronchiolitis, bronchitis or asthma with spasmodic, suffocative cough and retching and vomiting, rattling, great accumulation of mucus in chest, but no expectoration. Person stiffens and becomes pale or blue; gasps for breath. Dry, spasmodic cough ending in choking and gagging. Colds starting with stoppage of the nose at night, followed by hoarseness and suffocative, spasmodic cough; and retching and vomiting. The special form of nausea is a constant but desire to vomit or immediately after vomiting there is instead of relief, a desire to vomit again. With this there is a clean or not very dirty tongue. There is profuse salivation with the nausea. The nausea of Ipecac. Is often met with in disorders of the stomach and bowels of the respiratory organs and in fevers. In the stomach itself, there is a symptom which is very characteristic of the remedy, a feeling "as if the stomach were hanging down relaxed." There is disgust at the stomach for food, empty vomiting, vomiting of bile of blood. No better by vomiting.

  • Ailments or pains attended with constant nausea and clean tongue.
  • No thirst.
  • Worse Heat.
  • Profuse salivation during nausea.
  • Spasmodic respiratory ailments.



A flu remedy with eye symptoms.

  • Acrid lachrymation and bland coryza.
  • Burning, smarting eyes and aversion to light and constant winking.
  • Cough with large quantities of mucus only at daytime, better at night.
  • Worse Evening. Worse Smoke.
  • Catarrhal affections of nose and eyes.
  • Swelling of affected parts. Bathing of affected parts makes a person feel better.


Euphorbium resinifera:

A great indication for this remedy is burning pains in the bones.

  • Intense burning pains as if a live coal were on, or in the part.
  • Pharyngitis & Sensation as if expired air were a burning flame.
  • Burning pain in joints, esp. of lower limbs.
  • Worse Touch; rest; sitting; beginning of motion.

Better Continued motion; cold applications.

In Homeopathy, we choose a remedy for each individual based on symptom similarity and totality of client’s state.



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