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Cough and Cold Help with Homeopathy

We are living in one of the most exciting periods in human history. Virtually every aspect of human life is undergoing radical conceptual change- science, politics, economics, ecology, theatre, music, etc. Such change even extends to the field of medicine. The objectified, materialistic view of the world is widening to include the energetic plane of existence. The concept of the whole man is replacing previously fragmented view of the client as a diagnostic entity.


Homeopathy, a 200 year old scientific health care system, offers holistic experience of deep healing for your mental, emotional and physical complaints in a gentle, permanent and non-invasive way. It may be too good to be true, but centuries of searching for a non-toxic and cost-effective alternative medicine has finally come to completion in the homeopathic system. Homeopathy is a systematic science which correctly applies the laws of nature to stimulate the healing energies of the human being.


Some of you might be aware that Homeopathy is getting lot of media attention these days. Did you watch HOMEOPATHY ON OPRAH?


Here is what I saw: Cindy Crawford was a guest on Oprah on November 1, 2007 sharing a few of her favorite things. Along with her favorite tea and t-shirts she showed a 50-remedy kit and a well-thumbed copy of Homeopathic Medicine at Home by Panos & Heimlich. She talked about how she's the 'doctor of the house' and uses homeopathy for everyday complaints and how brilliant it is. A PUBLIC DEBATE on: “Is homeopathy pure quackery or perhaps the future of medicine?” was held at The University of Connecticut Medical School on October 25, 2007 and was broadcast live (and free) over the internet. Six internationally renowned experts each made a case for or against homeopathy. Were you aware of the new book by Dana Ullman? This fascinating book, A HOMEOPATHIC REVOLUTION, is about the leaders and cultural heroes who have supported and advocated for homeopathy over the past 200 years including: the British Royal Family, Mother Teresa, JD Rockefeller, David Beckham, 11 American presidents and many others. It is packed full of riveting anecdotes by literary greats, sports superstars, physicians, scientists, celebrities and musicians, artists, business leaders, philanthropists, clergy, spiritual leaders, and monarchs.


As cold and flu season is upon us, I had to consider the impact of the most recent recall by FDA on a common household with children. FDA recalled many over-the-counter cold medicines for all pre-school children. American Academy of Pediatrics and prominent pediatricians around the country state that oral cough and cold medicines don't work in young children, and pose significant health risks. Antibiotic treatment is ineffective for viral infections (except scarlet fever) and will only add to your child's stress load. I thought to myself now is the time to let readers know that homeopathy offers a solution to their dilemma of what to do now.



Homeopathic treatment will help at all stages of a childhood illness: colds, ear infections, croups, sore throats, asthma, RSV, fevers with an itchy rash or painful, swollen glands; with an accompanying cough or sore, sticky eye and flus. Children usually recover quickly and without complications with aid of homeopathic remedy suitable to individual child’s state.


Homeopathic practitioners could recommend your child one of the following remedies based on symptom similarity between child’s state and remedy state. This is just a glimpse of few commonly used remedies and symptoms these remedies have proven to be helpful for. The homeopathic pharmacopoeia is very extensive and rich and beyond the scope of this article.



First stage of any childhood illness that starts suddenly and is accompanied by a high fever; a runny nose; a hard, dry, croupy cough; red, sore eyes and/or a sore throat. The onset might begin with exposure to cold North winds. Rashes burn and itch. Children are restless, anxious and fearful. They may even say they are scared of dying. They are generally thirsty for cold water; feel worse for warmth and at night; better for fresh air and for uncovering.


Antimonium crudum

Childhood illnesses are accompanied by a tickling cough and nausea. Children are sulky and extremely irritable, they do not want to be touched or examined, or even looked at. They have cracks at the corners of their mouth and/or nostrils. The tongue is white; as if it has been painted. They are drowsy, thirstless and worse in a hot room. These children are susceptible to corns, calluses and warts on their feet.



The rash is slow to come out, when it does it itches and stings. Face and eyelids are puffy and red. Affected parts (rash, glands etc.) are puffy also and itch and sting. Children are extremely restless, anxious, and clingy and cry out in their sleep. They are generally thirstless; cannot bear the heat or pressure of any sort; they do not want to be touched. They have a high fever with scanty urine, and feel better for cold and cool bathing.



The violent illness starts suddenly and can be accompanied by bedwetting; a runny nose; a cough; sore throat; a throbbing headache and/or burning, dry, red eyes. The head is hot, the face red and the extremities feel cold. The pupils are dilated, and the tongue is red with white spots (like a strawberry). The rash is red, hot, dry, burning and very itchy. Children are restless and irritable, and delirious with a high, dry fever. With mumps the glands are hot and swollen and sensitive to touch. They are generally thirstless (although they may ask for lemonade); feel worse in the afternoon and are cannot bear light, noise or pressure. They like rest and warmth.


Bryonia alba

Illness is slow to develop; the rash is slow to appear or doesn’t come out fully. There is a hard, dry, painful cough which is worse for movement, and may be accompanied by a bursting, frontal headache. Children are irritable and want to be alone; they do not want to be disturbed or moved. They are generally thirsty for large quantities (gulp them) at infrequent intervals; and worse for heat; or movement of any sort.


Calcarea phosphorica

Children are weak and tired after a childhood illness. They are irritable, hard to please and have no ‘go’ in them. They pale and anemic and can’t wake up in the mornings. Children grow too rapidly.


Coccus cacti

Whooping cough with a choking, racking, tickling cough. Coughing fits end in retching and coughing up copious mucous which hangs in strings. Generally worse for stuffy rooms and around midnight; better for fresh air.



Whooping cough (or for cough after measles) with severe, violent cough with vomiting and nosebleeds. Face may go blue with each coughing fit. Voice becomes hoarse. The cough is worse when lying down, for talking or laughing; better for fresh air.



Measles with very sore, swollen, burning, watery eyes which are sensitive to the light. Nose streams also but does not irritate. There may be a harsh, dry cough which is worse in the day and better when lying down& and a headache which is better once the rash appears.



For measles that comes on slowly in warm weather with cold or flu-like symptoms that are accompanied by a great weariness and heaviness. The eyes are swollen and watery. Children are generally apathetic and thirstless and feverish with chills. They feel better after urinating.



For measles where the rash is slow to come out and there is a constant nausea (with a clear, red tongue) which isn’t helped by vomiting. Cough with nausea which is dry and comes in fits which end in choking in gagging. Children are hard to please, generally thirstless and worse from heat.

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