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Homeopathy: Natural Alternative to Hormones

By: Sujata Owens CCH, RSHom (NA), HMC, DHMS
Past President, Minnesota Homeopathic Association (2003-2008)

Homeopathy is a natural and effective scientific system of mind-body-spirit integrative healing. This holistic approach to medicine takes a wider view of illness, cause of disease, and the ways in which people express their illnesses individually. Homeopathy was originated in Germany in 1796 by a German physician, Samuel Hahnemann. Due to its success, homeopathy is widely practiced all around the world. Mahatma Gandhi, Father of India, and ardent follower of homeopathy said, “Homeopathy effectively helps a larger percentage of people than any other science, and is beyond doubt the safest and most economical form of health care.”

The homeopathic approach recognizes the unique way each person reacts to illness as an expression of disharmony at the vital force level (energy level). Physical as well as mental and emotional signs and symptoms of disease, specific to each person, are recognized as attempts on the part of the body to heal itself. These signs and symptoms manifest themselves because the body has been unable to restore balance from its inner resources and needs help. Homeopathy works by enhancing the body’s natural ability to heal itself. A single, carefully chosen homeopathic remedy offers the help needed to restore a state of balance and well-being.

Homeopathic consultation involves an interview in which the data of physical, mental and emotional symptoms along with medical history is collected. This data is then analyzed and evaluated to understand the essence of the imbalanced state of the individual. This process leads the homeopath to find the specific remedy for the individual.
Homeopathic remedies come from a wide variety of sources such as plants, minerals and animals. There are over 2500 homeopathic remedies regulated by the Food and Drug Administration, and are required to meet the standards of Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of the United States.

Homeopathy, the alternative medicine for the 21st century, offers a method of achieving and maintaining vibrant health, improving one’s sense of well being, reaching one’s full potential, and preventing illness.
Most women would prefer safer treatment options than hormones and prescription drugs. Women want answers as to how they can ease the transition through menopause and minimize bone density loss. Women are looking for modalities that prevent complications, heart disease and cancer.
Women’s Health Initiative study showed an increased risk of breast cancer, heart disease, stroke, blood clots, and urinary incontinence among post menopausal women who were using estrogen and progestin. A recent large-scale British study published in The Lancet found that women on HRT had a more than 20% greater likelihood of developing ovarian cancer. According to an April 2007 report in the New England Journal of Medicine, the reduction in HRT prescriptions has been followed by a sharp decline in the rate of new breast cancer cases.
Homeopathic approach to menopause: Menopause is a natural stage like childhood, puberty or any other stage. Our bodies are clever enough to balance the hormonal situation and when they fall short in doing so as expressed by symptoms of hot flashes, insomnia, menstrual dysfunction, uterine incontinence, migraines, etc natural homeopathic remedies can assist and restore the balance.
Homeopathy treats the whole you. Homeopathic practitioners treat people, not diagnoses. Personalized constitutional homeopathic care helps treat your symptoms of hormonal imbalance. Homeopathy can make a real difference in relieving the symptoms and improve your overall health.


Examples of few remedies that might help navigate the sea of hormonal changes:

Sepia: Women who need the homeopathic remedy Sepia are a picture of depletion. They are tired of life and are lacking passion. You will see them as disgruntled, edgy, snappy and weepy. Sex is the last thing on their minds. They experience hot flashes, constipation, vaginal dryness and itching. There is overwhelming lack of movement, interest and stimulation which is counterbalanced by a desire to move, dance, do aerobics, or exercise.


Lachesis: Women who need this remedy describe they want to jump out of their skin or as if they are about to explode with intense, relentless hot flashes. They suffer from Intensity of moods including rage, jealousy and they demand attention. They may complain of waking in the morning with splitting headache, unable to tolerate anything tight around the neck and more problems on left side of the body.


Pulsatilla: Those needing Pulsatilla or any other plant remedy are typically sensitive, changeable and easily reactive to their environments. Women who benefit from Pulsatilla tend to be affectionate and motherly; they desire physical affection, may be quick to feel lonely, and often feel weepy. They become easily overheated, which exacerbates hot flashes, especially in a hot stuffy room. They experience bloating and usually tend to have loose stools brought on by rich foods.


Cimicifuga: The most common herbal remedy for women in menopause—black cohosh—can also be beneficial in homeopathic form. The woman’s mood is like a black cloud descending, accompanied by oppressive, trapped sensation. Neck pain, back pain and muscle cramps, particularly radiating down to the thighs, are common, as is the feeling of losing one’s mind. These women also have history of very painful menses. The symptom associated with painful periods is heavier the flow, more the pain.


Sulphur: A woman who describes herself as a packrat, a day dreamer, if she puts off till tomorrow what she can do today, has a mechanical bent, and would much prefer surfing the net or diving into Star Trek than getting work done, Sulphur may be the remedy for her. Hot blooded and itchy, she may find herself miserable with night sweats and may stick a foot out from under the covers at night to cool off. She is likely to be brimming with ideas and strong opinions.
What to expect from a homeopathic remedy: With the correct individualized remedy one can expect at least 70% improvement in symptoms, deeper calm and well being, sense of connection, exuberance and freedom is commonly shared by women. Improvement should last over time, rather than diminish. Over time, intervals between doses should become longer. If that is not happening, then one can suspect there is a better remedy match. This is what is evaluated, analyzed from your responses in follow ups that are scheduled 4-8 weeks apart depending on the severity and chronicity of symptoms.


“We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we're curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.”
-Walt Disney

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