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Migraine Help with Homeopathy

Sujata Owens RS Hom (NA), CCH, HMC, DHMS (India), B.Sc (India)
Homeopathic Master Clinician and past President of Minnesota Homeopathic Association

Migraine seems to affect about 23 millions of Americans or about 9% of the population and affect women three times more than men. Homeopathic remedies have proven to be successful in treating persons who have suffered from symptoms of migraines as they can reduce both the pain and the sickness, especially if taken in the early stages. Not only can homeopathic remedies be used at the time of a migraine, but treatment from a qualified homeopath can also reduce the likelihood of migraines recurring in the future.

A tendency towards migraines often runs in the family. Environmental and allergic factors seem to be involved in some of the cases. However, the most significant trigger of migraines is stress. Migraine sufferers have increased serotonin levels - serotonin is released when adrenaline levels rise due to stress. Migraines can be triggered due to certain factors such as certain foods or scents, loss of sleep, hormonal changes, or environmental allergens. Some other causes seem to be eye strain, toxicity, nutritional deficiencies, and digestive or intestinal disturbances. In some migraine sufferers there seems to be no rhyme or reason and migraine attacks come randomly. A qualified homeopath would take all of these factors into account when selecting a homeopathic remedy for the person who has been a migraine sufferer.

Migraine sufferers usually have clear phases, including aura (sensory warning signs of an impending attack such as flashes of light, blind spots, or blurred vision or tingling), nausea, vomiting and severe sensitivity to light and noise. Whereas some may not experience the classic symptoms mentioned above.

Even though migraines have been around for a long time, it is still not fully understood. It has been suggested that migraines are due to problems with circulation to the head and brain, but more recently a neurological cause has been suggested, perhaps related to brain stem malfunctioning.
One previous migraine sufferer told us: "I had been suffering with migraine headaches related to my menstrual period each month without fail for years now. Things weren't resolving with traditional medical intervention and on the recommendation of a friend I started homeopathy with Sujata. Within few months with a homeopathic remedy, my headaches have resolved and I feel back to my normal, healthy self again."


Lifestyle adjustments:

If you suffer from migraines, it is recommended that you eat regularly, get eight hours sleep per night and avoid adrenal stimulants such as tea, coffee, orange juice and chocolate.


Symbolism through body language:

Head is the seat of authority and power. Headaches may indicate preoccupation with our “head brain” and neglect of our “feeling-intuitive” brain or a conflict between the two. The tremendous internal pressures and conflicts that people carry from suppressed or unexpressed emotions can be (temporarily) released through the “steam valve” of headaches. Sensory overload or sensitivity to what we see and hear can be a literal headache.


Selecting the best remedy

The symptoms are the key for selection of homeopathic remedy for each person. Importance being given to finding the exact correspondence of the remedy picture with both the headache symptoms and make-up of the individual. In my opinion, the best approach is to aim the remedy broadly and to treat constitutionally, in an effort to reduce the overall number of migraines one has over time.

For relief during a migraine, below I have sited four main homeopathic remedies that I have used in my practice successfully. The detailed study of migraine remedies is beyond the scope of this article. These remedies are available in most natural health food stores. If symptoms match closely then you might find remedy help your symptoms. If it is not a close match then you will not experience any help. Please call me and through careful, comprehensive case taking and my vast experience in homeopathy, I can choose the remedy that most likely would help you.


- Natrum Muriaticum - The headaches for someone needing this remedy are often worse in the morning. One either wakes up with a headache, migraine or with a warning that you will get one. There is often severe pain in the head as if it would burst. Or one could have hammering pain as If hammers are knocking the head. This pain may make you cough or make your eyes water. This remedy is indicated when the headache increases with the rise of the sun and stops at sun-set. Headache may be accompanied with sweat. Usually we find, greater the pain the greater the sweat. Headache of schoolgirls or boys, that is worse on eye strain. Client complains of fiery zigzag floaters before headache. This is one of the most common migraine / headache homeopathic remedies.

- Nux Vomica – People who need Nux vomica will complain of severe pain in head with chilliness and vomiting, resulting from over-work or stress. Head pain comes on when there is not enough exercise and when one is over indulging in wrong foods. Usually relief is obtained from leaning one’s head against something (i.e. Pressure on the forehead). There may be more sensitivity to noise than normal during the headache / migraine. People needing Nux will complain of constipation. The fiery nature of Nux is seen in a peculiar tendency of straining during stools to get it out with sense of incompletion.  Nux people tend to be irritable, passionate, hard task masters and driven.

- Bryonia – People needing this homeopathic remedy made from wild hops, will have very severe headaches with additional pain over the eyes in some cases. The pain is often much worse from any kind of movement, even moving your eyeballs from side to side, as a result of which one prefers to close the eyes. Headache is worse when stooping as if brain would burst through forehead. Headache brought on by playing or watching the play. The pain in the head often comes on after drinking alcohol or from a lot of stress.

- Arsenicum Album – People needing this remedy for head pain are relieved in some way from cold applications on the head. The head pain is associated with digestive disturbances, e.g. vomiting or diarrhea with burning sensation. One complains of feeling anxious especially known for its fear of death. They tend to be chilly and crave warmth. They are thirsty for sips of water. They feel restless and are pacing around with pains. In later stages one will observe exhaustion. They are clean freaks, needing things clean and neat.


Tips to administer the well selected remedy

One can purchase the remedy in 30C potency at the natural food stores. My advice is to seek help from a qualified homeopath and licensed physician. In situations when you choose not to do that, then recommended dose is three pills/pellets every four hours while symptoms continue, for maximum of four doses per day and for maximum of two days. Stop taking the remedy as you start to feel relief and only repeat the remedy if your symptoms return. I suggest no remedy should be continued past 3 days without supervision from a homeopathic practitioner.
If your symptoms persist, or relief is only temporary, please seek professional advice from a trained Homeopath or your licensed physician. Please do not stop taking medication prescribed by your licensed physician without his or her approval.

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