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Why Children are Excellent Candidates for Homeopathic Care

The more unusual the child, the easier it is to help him with homeopathy. The more features that differentiate one child from all others, the easier it is to identify the one "matching" medicine. It is far more difficult to find the correct medicine for a child with run-of-the-mill allergies than it is for a child with quite unusual symptoms. Whenever we hear a feature or symptom that we have never before heard, it intrigues us. Unusual symptoms or behaviors narrow down the possibilities in choosing the correct medicine from over 2,000 medicines.

Homeopathy is gentle medicine for sensitive kids. Many children are highly sensitive to prescription drugs, foods, and other substances. Since the ingredients in homeopathic medicines are so highly diluted, allergic reactions, sensitivities, or even side effects are rare. Homeopathy is one of the gentlest forms of medicine known. A few children do react in some way to homeopathic medicines, but virtually all such reactions can be minimized or eliminated by an alternative form of dosing.

Homeopathic medicines pass the taste test. Kids can be picky about what they will eat. The smallest amount of nutritional supplements, whether given in capsules, liquids or hidden in foods, is often easily detected and adamantly refused. In contrast, children enjoy taking their homeopathic medicine and ask for more!

A homeopath does not need to physically examine a child to prescribe a homeopathic medicine. Sensitive kids often find being touched, especially by strangers, extremely uncomfortable. We rely on the child's pediatrician to perform physical examinations, draw blood, and give shots as needed. This allows us to maintain a therapeutic relationship as the child's ally and confidante rather than someone who inflicts pain or causes discomfort.

The homeopathic interview is a perfect opportunity to talk about grand passions. Homeopaths love to engage kids in a lively discussion of their favorite subjects or activities. Even more than the background information parents may give, hearing the child talk about what fascinates him, observing his gestures and body language, and listening for impassioned tones of voice can lead a homeopath directly to the right medicine. Every word the child utters is of significance to us, particularly words or language that are unique. Whereas parents, teachers, and caregivers may roll their eyes if they hear even once more about the cube root of 4096, our eyes light up, and we record the words of the child feverishly, trying not to miss a single word.

Homeopathic interviews can be fun! Our office is filled with toys, games, crayons and markers who win over many a wary child. When kids are able to relax and play during the interview, it often puts them in a good mood, and soon they begin to look forward to seeing us. The child has an opportunity, if willing, to speak with us alone. We recognize and appreciate each child as a valuable, interesting individual. In person or by phone, we give youngsters a chance to say what they want, discuss their dreams and fears, share what interests them such as movies, books or video games, and to describe their most cherished ideas, thoughts or fantasies. We show a genuine interest in them, and they know it. Our main objective is not to try to find a diagnostic cubbyhole in which to place them or to perform psychological testing, but rather, simply try to get to know them for who they are. Homeopaths do not conduct formal psychological or IQ testing for diagnosing ASD, so if you want those tests done, please consult a pediatric or school psychologist or another appropriate professional.)

Highly motivated parents are a homeopath's dream. Parents who are highly motivated to find help for their kids, willing to go to any extent to help their children, including searching for any treatment that can turn around their youngsters' symptoms and disabilities are a homeopath's dream. They are willing to travel long distances to get the best possible treatment, sometimes even flying across country to see us. All told, most parents tend to be committed to their child's treatment and well being for the long haul. Typically, one parent hears about homeopathy first and introduces it to the other. It is not uncommon for the mother, for example, to feel strongly, after reading published articles, website articles, that homeopathy is the route for her child. The father may agree to the plan quite readily, or may be more reluctant. It is not necessary for both parents to have the same conviction that homeopathy will work for their child, but it is essential that everyone who is intimately involved with the child is willing to provide as much information as possible to the homeopath. When both parents are on board for the treatment journey, the odds of success are significantly increased.

Homeopathic visits are infrequent. Compared to most of the other therapies you will engage in, homeopathic visits are infrequent (typically 4 to 8 weeks apart or more) and will not tax your already full schedule. We realize that parents are often stretched to the max, driving their children from a doctor's/dentist's/chiropractor's appointment to sports/other extracurricular activities sessions to a social skills group. Add to this their siblings' activities, meal preparations for picky eaters or children on special diets and you have a recipe for stress.

Homeopathic interviews can be conducted by phone. Conducting homeopathic interviews by phone can be a blessing for parents and children. We recognize that many parents have difficulty traveling so we offer phone consultations especially once treatment is going in right direction with significant improvement observed by both parents and homeopathic practitioner.


What to Expect from Homeopathic Treatment of autism spectrum disorder (ASD) children

In our experience, the following list contains reasonable expectations for a child with ASD. If your child is more impaired, his progress may be slower or more limited. Having said that, we have worked with some children on the less-able end of the continuum who exhibit spectacular responses to homeopathic treatment! Some ASD symptoms respond more readily to homeopathy than others. The list below details Judyth Reichenberg-Ullman and Robert Ullman's own experience in treating ASD kids. Each child is different, but these categories can give you a general sense of your child's prognosis:

Highly Likely to Improve with Homeopathic Treatment:

  • restlessness
  • mood changes
  • impulsivity
  • concentration difficulties
  • school performance
  • angry outbursts
  • oppositional behavior
  • socially inappropriate behavior
  • most physical complaints
  • hypersensitivity
  • confidence and self-esteem issues
  • awkwardness in interpersonal relationships
  • social isolation
  • ability to make friends
  • obsessive behavior
  • inability to participate in team sports

Will Probably Get Better with Homeopathic Treatment:

  • perseveration
  • eye contact
  • learning disabilities
  • pickiness
  • self-stimulatory behavior
  • tics
  • hyperfocus on special interests
  • encopresis (bowel impaction)
  • bedwetting
  • echolalia

You May Possibly See Changes with Homeopathic Treatment:

  • developmental delays
  • "pedantic" speech
  • lack of empathy
  • inability to speak

Resource: article on NCH Website "HOMEOPATHIC CARE OF CHILDREN ON THE AUTISM SPECTRUM, PART I" by Judyth Reichenberg-Ullman, ND, DHANP, LCSW and Robert Ullman, ND, DHANP.

Adapted by: Sujata Owens
B.Sc., L.C.E.H., R.S.Hom, C.C.H., H.M.C.


Sujata Owens is one of the foremost homeopathic practitioners in the United States. She passionately believes in the amazing powers of homeopathic healing. She is a systematic, scientific and intuitive homeopathic practitioner committed to a partnership towards health. She has over 18 years of experience as a homeopathic practitioner in the United States and India. She graduated from the Homeopathic Medical School in Pune, India in 1982 with outstanding honors. The Homeopathic Medical School gave her a unique perspective in understanding both modern medicine and homeopathy. Sujata has been practicing homeopathy in Northfield, Minnesota since 1987. She has been certified by leading homeopathic organizations in the United States, including North American Society of Homeopaths and Council for Homeopathic Certification. She holds a diploma in Advanced Clinical Homeopathy from Louis Klein's Master Clinician course. She has studied extensively with Vega Rozenberg, Rajan Sankaran and Jayesh Shah, who are considered influential teachers in the field of Classical Homeopathy. She has made various presentations, facilitated many conferences, lectures and study groups and has written a variety of articles. She has published cured cases in leading homeopathic journals. She is a founding board member and current president of Minnesota Homeopathic Association (MHA), one of the first state-wide homeopathic organizations in the United States.

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